Lucky LOCK

Lucky Lock

Does the key fit?


If you want to achieve a higher response rate than ever with your mailings, it’s easier than you think. The most promising method is to stimulate your addressee’s curiosity. And what arouses people’s curiosity more than anything else? Locked doors or chests concealing a secret turn any adult into an expectant and excited child. If he’s then given a key to open the lock, he’ll hardly be able to contain himself. He’ll want to know if the key fits and he’ll want to get his hands on the treasure before anyone else.


  • Vorhängeschloss

    Variant 1: Padlock for chests and VIP areas.

  • Einbauschloss

    Variant 2: Mortise lock for doors and glass cabinets.

  • Schlüssel

    Duds and winning key made of highgrade and hard-wearing plastic.

  • Machen Sie den Preis sichtbar für mehr Besucher mit dem Plexiglas-Safe.

    Display the prize safely and very visible with the acrylic safe.
    Dimensions: 260 x 260 x 300 mm

Truhe gschlossen truhe ecke truhe preis
The treasure chest is ideal for prize draws and is large enough for tablet PC’S or similar prizes.
Dimensions: 600 x 300 x 300 mm



Winning-Key: Order No. LL01

Dud-Key: Order No. LL02
Padlock: Order No. LL03
Mortise lock: Order No. LL04

Lucky Lock - technical data

Total weight 2 g


Lucky Lock - technische Daten