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Gravity Lifter Alpha

This is how jewellery and other luxury products are elegantly presented – ideal for flagship stores, press conferences and trade fairs with a select audience.

70 mm Luxury levitation height

The Twisted Pillar changes its geometry surprisingly depending on the point of view: from slim and elegant to strong and present   – this is how curiousity turns into real fascination, which is always readily transferred to the levitating product.


The POPAI Awards in Paris are the leading competition for sales and presentation displays with hundreds of participants. The design for the presentation column was awarded in the category Innovations.

  • A floating height of up to 70 millimetres allows the puck to work intensively.
  • A plexiglass cover additionally protects the product.
  • A wireless presentation through a battery pack is possible.
  • Levitating height:
    up to 70 mm
  • Load capacity:  up to 580 g
  • Dimensions:
    39 x 39 x 155 cm
  • Puck diameter: 11 cm Ø
  • Weight: 8 kg
  • Coating ­Standard-Plinth
    Durable, elegant textured paint, white RAL 9001
  • Coating Twisted-Plinth
    High-gloss lacquer black and white
  • Power ­consumption: approx. 6 W/h in continuous operation

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  • Gravity Lifter® Alpha
  • 4.870

    including training
  • Gravity Lifter® Alpha with twisted column
  • 3.970

    plus the basic alpha price
  • 54 individual parts in a high-gloss finish


Extras for your Gravity Lifter.

Battery pack

474 €*

Puck Extension

45 €*

Leather puck upgrade

77 €*

Flightcase for device and column

547 €*

Acrylic cover 30 and 50 cm

234 €*

Flightcase for Acrylic hood

175 €*

All offers are not-binding and noncommittal. Sale only to commercial consumers. All prices are pick-up prices. (*) = All prices net, plus VAT and postage, as of 01.03.2017

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