Gravity Lifter

An overview of our products.

Der Gravity Lifter Mini mit einem Produkt
Gravity Lifter® Mini

The mini version is ideal for presenting your products at checkouts and counters. The built-in lighting puts your product perfectly in the limelight.

Max. load: up to 580 g
Floating height: 20-25 mm

Gravity Lifter Ultra
Gravity Lifter® Utra 2.0

With the Ultra you will amaze your customers even more! The model has more power and lets your product float up to 48 mm in the air.

Max. load: up to 580 g
Floating height: 45-48 mm

Gravity Lifter Crystal rot
Gravity Lifter® Crystal

With Crystal Model, you can perfectly showcase your product with the built-in lighting. The column is made of white Plexiglas and shines in different colors.

Max. load: up to 580 g
Floating height: 45-48 mm

Gravity Lifter XXL
Gravity Lifter® XXL

2 KG in the air at a distance of up to 45 mm from the platform. This is how product presentation 3.0 looks like.

Max. load: up to 2000 g
Floating height: 40-45 mm

Gravity Lifter Alpha
Gravity Lifter® Alpha

70 mm Luxury levitation height for the most exclusive goods and ­ profitable sales promotion.

Max. load: up to 580 g
Floating height: up to 70 mm 


Interactive columns and visitor magnets.

  • Demo-Column

    Interactive plinth with mobile phone or tablet holder –
    the top displays the goods and underneath it can be
    tried out.

    The combination of anti-theft device and charging
    cable allows the customer to pick up the product and
    try it out before buying it.

    Prepared for InVue® anti-theft protection.
    Suitable for Ultra and Mini.
    Demo-Column: 570 €

  • Goods carrying

    More sales through the direct sales offer below the
    fascinating product presentation.

    Contact us and we will be happy to support you
    in the realisation: +49 211-688 195 25

  • Flying Table

    Products such as mobile phones, car models and cosmetics fly in any direction over a 160 x 80 cm stainless steel plate. An interactive presentation that is fun for visitors – with a red joystick that simply invites them to try it out. Illuminated with 2400 LEDs.

    Rent for 5 days including Usables operating personnel : 3,470 €

You just have to stand still and look! Thanks, Usables!

Christiane Gutberlet – Sales & Export Manager KAWECO h&m gutberlet GmbH

The floating columns were love at first sight for us!

Michael Adloff – Project Manager & Partner Theissen Medien Gruppe

It sounds a bit like science fiction, what Usables has now created.

GIZMODO Digital Lifestyle

Accessories for your Gravity Lifter



Flightcase for safe transport

Acrylic Cover

Custom made acrylic cover ­protects sensitive products

Battery Pack

Wireless operation

Puck Extension

For larger or several products

Leather Puck

Noble impression guaranteed.

Gravity Lifter Movies


Flying Table – Euroshop Fair

Gravity Lifter – the Movie

Your product on the Gravity Lifter

Ihr Produkt auf dem Gravity Lifter

This gives you the perfect impression of your product on the Gravity Lifter in only 4 steps:

  • Call us or contact us via the form and tell us the most important data of your product (dimensions & weight).

  • Send us your product

  • We film the product on one of the columns

  • We provide you with the video free of charge

Designed in Germany

Qualitätskontrolle Gravity Lifter

Permanent magnets do not permanently float above each other – according to the so-called Earnshaw Theorem. The Gravity Lifter® is therefore assisted with a little bit of electronics so that the upper permanent magnet floats stably or rotates slightly. Two Hall Effect sensors measure the magnetic field and determine the position. The specially developed control electronics regulate four electromagnets several thousand times per second to keep the puck with your product safely in the air.

All products are very economical in consumption with their levitating function (one tenth of a 60-watt bulb or less). For use on sales floors, all units are designed for 24/7/365 continuous operation.

Betrieb auch an Wand möglich

Egal, ob Sie den Gravity Lifter® wie ein Bild an die Wand hängen oder kopfüber ­montieren – der Betrieb ist stets möglich.


Haben Sie eine Idee? Dann lassen Sie uns zusammenarbeiten und ein paar tolle Projekte realisieren.

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Usables GmbH develops unusual design objects and giveaways in Düsseldorf’s Media Harbour. Its small, 12-strong team registers several ideas for patent each month. The objects are built under contract in Düsseldorf and environs.


We are at your disposal by telephone or e-mail for a consultation.

Phone: +49 211 688 195 25


Usables GmbH
Kaistraße 12
40221 Düsseldorf

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